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OAN Food and Agriculture Journal is an international Open Access, peer reviewed, online publishing journal that publish reports of original work, research, reviews, insightful descriptions, and policy papers. Our journal seeks to promote the development and exchange of knowledge that is directly relevant to all spheres of Food and Agriculture research.


This Journal Seeks Articles Related to Below Topics

Advances in Food Processing
Agricultural Biotechnology
Agricultural Engineering and Innovations
Agriculture and Food Security
Agriculture and Forestry
Agriculture and Environment
Chemistry of Food Ingredients
Dairy Science and Technology
Deep Water and Demersal Fisheries
Energy in Food and Agriculture
Food Extrusion Technology
Fermentation Technology
Fertilizer and Pesticide
Fish Capture and Fishing Gears
Fish Farms
Fish Pathology and Physiology
Food and Nutrition
Food and Public Health
Food Biochemistry
Food Biotechnology
Food Fortification
Food Industry: Edible oils and Others
Food Laws policy and governance
Food Marketing and Economics
Food Microbes: Probiotics and Functional Food
Food Nanotechnology
Food Packaging
Food Processing Technology
Food Quality
Food Safety
Food Safety: Prevention and Control
Food Toxicology
Food Waste Management
Freshwater Fisheries
Future of food engineering
Livestock Farming & Genetic Engineering
Organic Farming
Poultry Farming
Post-Harvest Technology and Processing
Rice Research
Shellfish Fisheries
Soil and Crop Sciences
Sustainable Technologies

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This Journal Publishes quaterly issue

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